1. General Terms.

1.1. The company “edu-affiliates” registered at the domain https://edu-affiliates.com/ offers advertisers an opportunity to increase their traffic and sales. It offers the affiliates the opportunity to obtain revenue from CPA-based activities by utilizing advertising materials of the advertisers registered in the edu-affiliates partnership network.

2. Terminology.

2.1 Affiliate network - a website that allows affiliates to perform CPA-based marketing activities and direct users to purchase products or services at the advertiser’s website. The affiliate network connects webmasters and advertisers for mutually profitable work.

  • 2.1.1 Profit (sales) - the affiliate’s profit from new clients.

    2.1.2 Profit (rebills) - the affiliate ‘s profit from repeated orders.

    2.1.3 $ per 1K - the average indicator of the anticipated income of the affiliate per 1,000 uniques.

    2.1.4 Sales per 1K - the anticipated number of sales per 1,000 uniques.

    2.1.5 Cancellations - the sum subtracted from the affiliate’s balance as a result of a canceled order or a refund. The refunds due to fraudulent activities of the clients may be re-considered individually.

    2.1.6 Referrals - new registered referrals (webmasters) from the affiliate’s link.

    2.1.7 Profit from Referrals – the profit obtained from referrals. Calculated at 00:00 UTC.

    2.1.8 General Profit – the total profit obtained by the affiliate minus refunds.

    2.1.9 Active Account - an account belonging to the affiliate that has at least one new sale every three months.

2.2. Advertiser - any physical or legal entity who is an administrator of a platform and its advertising materials.

  • 2.2.1 Lead - a confirmed inquiry from a real user that has been left at the advertiser’s website.

2.3 Affiliate - any physical or legal entity who has registered, contacted the manager, and is proactive at performing marketing activities.

2.4 Reward to an Affiliate - a payment to the affiliate through any of the available payment systems utilized by the affiliate network for the marketing activities resulting in the purchase of a product or service from the advertiser’s web-resources.

2.5 Fund Withdrawal - the possibility for the affiliate to withdraw their funds into any of the available payment systems that are available on our website.

2.6 Uniques - unique visitors that have come through the affiliate link of the affiliate. Tracking uniques: a user is assigned a cookie with a referral ID (RID) of the affiliate upon their first visit of an advertising website.

2.7 Hits - the number of page hits or visits. It often is an objective identifier of the traffic quality.

2.8 Inquiry - shows the number of unpaid orders. This means that the client placed an order, but the payment is still in processing.

2.9 Sales - the number of paid orders of all Inquiries. In other words, the number of new or repeated clients.

3. General Rules.

3.1 To work with the affiliate network “edu-affiliates”, the affiliate has to register at the domain https://edu-affiliates.com/ , provide all the necessary data, and contact the manager.

  • 3.1.1 Affiliate’s advertising is considered successful and can be rewarded if a user has visited the website and made a purchase or (concerning the CPL model) has filled a valid inquiry.

    3.1.2 The company reserves the right to make decisions regarding suspensions, changes, or termination of offers or services, and changes in their conditions of service.

    3.1.3 The advertiser makes a decision about granting or denying access to the advertising materials.

    3.1.4 Edu-affiliates reserves the right to request the documents or data from the partner, which are necessary for authenticating affiliate’s personal data.

    3.1.5 Edu-affiliates reserves the right to request the data from the affiliate about the affiliate’s source of traffic while putting their advertising campaign on hold. If the affiliate does not report about the source of the traffic within 14 days, Edu-affiliates reserves the right to block the affiliate’s account without the right to withdraw funds.

    3.1.6 The affiliate’s data (username/login, password) are securely encrypted; however, the affiliate is obliged to keep their data safe and not transfer the data to any third parties.

    3.1.7 The affiliate is solely responsible for the material displayed at their web-resources (social media groups, websites, advertising platforms, etc.)

    3.1.8 The affiliate cannot interfere with or affect the website’s performance in any way. It includes attempts to tamper with the affiliate’s network: hacking, viruses, trojans, and other malicious files, DoS (DDoS) attacks, spam, and other processes that can adversely affect the affiliate network’s website performance.

    3.1.9 The affiliate is solely responsible for any financial losses that result from their marketing activity.

    3.1.10 If the affiliate has not been active and is yet to register any sales for the past three months, and does not communicate with the affiliate network representatives, the company reserves the right to apply penalties such as reducing the reward or terminating the account.

3.2 Following the registration, the affiliate is expected to abide by all the rules that are contained in the present document.

3.3 The affiliate network “edu-affiliates” reserves the right to stop the collaboration with the affiliate without any explanations.

3.4 The company reserves the right to block the affiliate’s account upon detection of fraudulent activity/traffic from the affiliate.

3.5 The affiliate is solely responsible for the material displayed on their web-resource and/or any other channel that brings traffic to the advertiser.

3.6 The affiliate’s account should remain active; otherwise, the company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account.

3.7 The affiliates are accepted for collaboration only if they have a suitable type of traffic. Also, should any violations be detected on the side of the affiliate, the affiliate is obliged to cease working on the advertiser’s demand. The company reserves the right to suspend the account should such a demand be ignored.

3.8 Upon registration, the affiliate gains access to advertising, training, and other promotional materials and services provided by the affiliate network.

3.9 The affiliate can register at the affiliate network only if they have reached the legal age.

4. Restrictions and prohibitions.

4.1 It is forbidden to use any kind of fraudulent activity while working with our affiliate network.

4.2 It is forbidden to change trademarks.

4.3 It is forbidden to use any fraudulent methods with the aim of creating sales, referrals to the site and leads. Fraudulent activities include spam, cookie stuffing, various bots, motivated traffic, etc.

4.4 It is forbidden to use a domain similar to the advertiser's site for marketing events without the explicit permission of the advertiser.

4.5 It is forbidden to use those types of traffic that are prohibited by the advertiser in promotion. If any type of traffic is not indicated, consult your manager.

4.6 It is forbidden to make use of deceptive marketing and sales strategies that are misleading to users. Fraudulent activities like blackmailing or actions that might interfere with the user's freedom of choice are also prohibited.

4.7 It is forbidden to carry out any marketing activity that involves a violation of the law.

4.8 It is forbidden to mislead users by providing inaccurate or false information.

4.9 It is forbidden to use the advertiser's brand when working with contextual advertising without explicit permission to conduct these actions.

4.10 Sites under development are not allowed to work with the affiliate network.

4.11 If the affiliate violates any of the rules above, the company reserves the right to suspend their account and funds pending the completion of the investigation.

5. Payments and income.

5.1. All data on payments (conditions, withdrawal options, hold time, etc.) are indicated in the affiliate’s account or on the offer page and are subject to change.

5.2 Withdrawals are made through:PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Epayments, Wire transfer, Visa / MasterCard.The current current list is subject to change and is always available inside the affiliate’s personal account.

5.3 When choosing Payoneer as a means of withdrawal, the affiliate must contact support to request a confirmation link.

5.4 Edu-affiliates maintains an individual bank account for each affiliate.

5.5 In order to receive a commission for a transaction, the transaction must be made through the edu-affiliates tracking system.

5.6. The partner network reserves the right to suspend the funds of the affiliate in case of deliberate/flagrant violation of the rules.

5.7. The first two payouts for new affiliates are made on a net 30 basis.

6. GEO.

6.1 We allow traffic from different GEOs. However, more suitable GEOs for each offer are listed in the description of the offer.

7. Partner account.

7.1 Personal account - an account on the edu-affiliates website that helps the affiliate work with advertisers by providing statistics, access to advertising materials and other services.

7.2 The affiliate account must be active. For an account to remain active, the affiliate must have at least one new client every 3 months or (if the affiliate works by the CPL model) 5 confirmed inquiries from real users. This rule applies to all offers.

8. Change of rules.

8.1 The company reserves the right to amend the clauses of the rules and other standing orders.

8.2 The affiliate's cooperation with the company remains tenable under the current agreement following an amendment to the rules.

8.3 Disagreement with the amended rules will signify an automatic termination contract and cooperation with the affiliate’s network.

8.4 In the event that one of the rules becomes obsolete, all other rules will continue to apply.

9. Terms of the contract.

9.1 This contract is valid for an indefinite period.

9.2 At any given time, the parties may terminate their agreement for cooperation, and this contract becomes invalid.

9.3 The company has the right to suspend an account and temporarily terminate cooperation if the account is inactive or violates the rules of the site.

10. Responsibility of the parties.

10.1 Edu-affiliates shall not be liable for loss, interference or any damage related to third party web pages and their contents.

10.2 Edu-affiliates is not responsible for violations perpetrated by the affiliate.

10.3 In the event of any violation by the affiliate's network, the company will bear the responsibility.

10.4 The company is not responsible for the financial losses of a partner in the course of their marketing activities.

10.5 The above restrictions do not preclude the fact that the company is legally liable.

11. Referral program.

11.1 Information about the fees and conditions of the referral program can be found in the affiliate’s account.

11.2 When working with a referral program, the following actions are prohibited:

  1. The illegal attraction of referrals and any other artificial increase in their number.
  2. Registering an affiliate’s account using your referral link.
  3. Creating clones of edu-affiliates sites or sites with a similar interface.
  4. Using any methods of intrusive advertising (pop-ups, Toolbar, etc.)
  5. Spam of any form
  6. Sending or generating emails on behalf of company employees.
  7. Launching paid advertising using the brand name of the company without direct permission from the advertiser.
  8. Providing false information and misleading referrals.

12. Conclusion.

12.1 By using this site, you automatically agree to abide by all of the above rules.

12.2 In case of violations, edu-affiliates reserves the right to suspend the user’s account without explanation.

12.3 Parties: 1. Affiliate network. 2. Affiliate.